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Anyone can enroll in Free Internet Courses conducted by America's largest and most prestigious Colleges and Universities. Users can obtain academic credit towards a degree by taking these courses and passing a test. The American Council on Education (ACE) has established an evaluation process for education and training that is obtained outside of the classroom. The College Board administrates this College Level Examination Program.

Live Video Education has established relationships with thousands of Colleges, Universities and Trade Schools and they offer many Free College Internet Courses. There is an exam fee of $80 per course, but only if students want credit for a degree program. The fee is paid to the College Board, if students want College Credit. Members can enroll in as many Free Courses as they want at No Cost. Members of the Military can be tested Free. In fact, the US Government has established a Free program for service members who can't attend a classroom program.

The content of all the courses is similar to College Campus teaching because the courses are written and taught by the best professors of these elite colleges and universities. While the major thrust of our course offerings are in Business, we also offer courses in many different categories such as Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, etc. In addition to these science related programs, we offer Political Science, History, Philosophy, English Literature, Psychology and other non business programs.

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Live Video Classroom is a Live Interactive Streaming Video Program that schools can use to Netcast their Classroom Lectures Live over the internet.

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