LiveVideoEducation is a free portal for it's users.

LiveVideoEducation is a Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, an online Learning Management System (LMS) designed to create opportunities for rich interaction between teachers and learners.

All of us are potential teachers as well as students - in a true collaborative environment, we are both. LiveVideoEducation's courses contain activities and resources, as well as other tools, to make it easier to build a collaborative teaching experience.

There are about 20 different types of activities available, such as Live Video NetCast, Live Video Connection for Student and Teacher interaction, quizzes, polls, assignments, wikis, glossaries, etc. Each area can be customized to fit the specific course and help guide participants through the learning process.

Many of the activities in LiveVideoEducation are designed to allow students to control common content, such as forums, wikis, glossaries and so on. This encourages students to add to the total course experience for others.

The course page itself is the main tool for a teacher, allowing them to add/remove and structure activities as necessary. Changing the course is one button click away at any time, so the teacher can change it on a whim. There are features in the program that allow the activities, sections and blocks to be simply dragged-and-dropped. Access can also be restricted according to time, conditions or user profile fields.

LiveVideoEducation is flexible so it can cater to a wide variety of needs while remaining simple enough for any teacher to start making good use of the power of the internet for building collaborative learning.

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